Establish an atmosphere of communication, participation and collaboration among the community. Implement contests and promotions propos by the Social Mia Manager. Constantly monitor basic indicators such as likes, clicks, reach, participation, number of comments, etc. Identify trends in social networks and use newsjacking to keep the different platforms updat and not just stay with the content already creat. Identify preferences or nes in users. Be the voice of the community and inform the company and the Social Mia Manager of the opportunities for improvements in the product or service obtain from the comments of the community.

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Give daily feback to the Social Mia Manager and review social mia statistics. What are the differences between Community Manager and Social Mia Manager? Basically the differences between the two lies in their functions, the Social Mia Manager performs Belgium Phone Number analytical work, research, creation and control of the strategy. On the other hand, the Community Manager is the one who executes the actions of the strategy, that is, controls the social networks, publishes content, promotes engagement, interacts with users and ensures that the digital reputation works correctly. In simple words, the Social Mia Manager provides the guideline to follow and the Community Manager executes it.

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Infographic on the differences between CM and SMM What knowlge and skills should each have? The differences between Community Manager and Social Contact Lists Mia Manager not only lies in the functions they must fulfill, but also in the skills they must have to carry out their activities . Here I leave you a list with the abilities of each one. Skills that a Community Manager should have: Management of design, Photoshop, text itors and Excel. Excellent oral and written communication. HTML bases and website management. You must be familiar with web analytics and monitoring platforms. Measurement and response tools. Administration of blogs , opinion forums and ratings.

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