Youtube , Belize B2B List the popular video sharing platform.The officially launched its subscription channels on thursday. At the moment, it is a pilot program available . Only to users in the united states and its objective is to generate income for content creators. More related notes: youtube claims that it surpassed tv 5 steps to take advantage of youtube in your business. A few days ago Belize B2B List several media outlets published that youtube was preparing paid subscriptions for some channels within its platform. Today this information is official.

The Company, Owned by Google , Announced Through

Its official blog that this thursday it would launch its payment channels. The objective, they explain is to generate more income for content creators. The new Belize B2B List project includes sesame street channels. Who will present full episodes of their shows. Ufc, where you can see his classic fights. Acorn tv, with british tv shows; national geographic kids, among others. In this way, Belize B2B List users will be able to subscribe to these channels. Which will generate income for the producers.

Also, the New Platform Is Only Available in the United

Belize B2B List

 States and the subscription costs vary according to the terms of each channel. However, each has a 14-day free trial and many offer special annual discounts. In addition, they can be seen from the computer, the smartphone, tablets and television. It should be Belize B2B List said that a few days ago youtube stated that. Its content had already surpassed that of television. Thus, this new strategy is an opportunity for those production companies. That seek to promote and disseminate their content. In this regard, as reported by the company. They expect more channels to enter the project in the coming days.

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