Google announced the new features planned. A new ad format is born To ward off the mistrust of UK Phone Number some Internet users vis-à-vis sponsored links and to increase click-through rates (CTR), Google began a few months ago to change the appearance of these ads. Since this summer, Google has deployed a series of updates to its advertising platform, Google AdWords, accompanied by UK Phone Number a few new features, which are part of a desire to overhaul the interface by mid-2017. During Advertising Week and the SMX trade show held in New York,

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Url changes format when creating. A large-format text ad, it is no longer necessary. To indicate a url to display since. Google Adwords will automatically generate one.  Google AdWords: URL format Mobile-optimized ads No need to activate, The appearance of the green advertisement. Label and the transition from 3 to 4 paid ads in premium. A new format of UK Phone Number text ads is emerging. Expanded text ads (eta) or large format. Google AdWords: expanded text ads or large format. Text ads google AdWords extended.


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A longer title thanks to UK Phone Number the removal of side ads. Which free up more space the so-called large format. Ads will now feature a larger title. You thus have two fields (instead of just one) of a maximum of 30 characters (instead of 25), located side, Lines of 35 characters etas will now. Only UK Phone Number have an 80-character description field. Giving you more freedom in the content of your marketing message. You can, for example, more easily include “Call to action”. Such as book now register. Here get a quote online etc.