We live in a world where every day not only the product or service offered by a company matters more, not only what it means to say that we are a socially involved brand or what the customer wants, but the how these products are made, how services are served, it is about transmitting all this successfully and scrupulously respecting the values ​​that guide the way of production and marketing, this is increasingly important for the client when deciding their purchase. Mindful marketing is trending.

I have always defended the necessary social aspect that marketing has to provide, I have always believed that marketing that impacts, that sells and that that conquers the customer, is marketing with a deep interest in customer satisfaction and social issues, I have always thought that the offer that we Australia Phone Number List present to a market, if it does not have an origin and a social destination of real interest, will have at most a short journey. I have always believed in the mission of marketing to provide well-being and satisfaction to the client and society, any other mission is a symptom of business myopia, since companies have that purpose, to add value to society.

Mindful marketing is a trend today, it is a type of marketing that is achieving a very relevant impact on the markets. Examples such as those of LUSH, a cosmetic company that respects the environment, with fair trade, workers’ rights and animal protection. It is a company involved in several solidarity projects with certain towns, or Patagonia, a company whose mission is to manufacture and sell products of the highest quality and the least possible damage to the environment, focusing its marketing strategy on the 5r: reduce, repair , reuse, recycle and reimagine, are examples of this type of marketing that I comment, mindful marketing.

Why is this type of marketing a trend? Well, simply because there is an increasing number of customers who are sensitized, with sustainability, balance, respect for the environment, solidarity, which make them demand that these values ​​of commitment to the social are transferred to their consumption. It is a trend because we are experiencing an over-consumerism that is putting our social well-being at risk, because there is a generation of people who want to put a limit on destroying “the house” in which we live, who want to help improve our environment.

But being included in this type of marketing, fundamentally requires not only wanting to give an image (a big mistake that many brands are making), but also to commit to those values ​​in a real and consistent way, to achieve this the brand will have to:

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