It is a step in the big umbrella like building a brand. The brand identity is express in terms of images (Visual), of the brand from the name (Name), logo (Logo), tone (Tone of Voice), color (Colors), slogan (Tagline), symbols (Symbols ), images (Imagery), text (Typography) or appearance (Visual Appearance), which is a basic way to perceive the differences of consumers. Later, Jean-Noël Kapferer, a global marketer and branding expert, invent the Brand Identity Prism, a more detail approach to brand identity. To make the brand image have a unifi and memorable Including helping businesses to build a strong identity. Maintain And clearly reflect the core.

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It is intend for marketing purposes and to create recognition for consumers to think of the image of the organization at all times. It can also communicate the image and create good understanding between Egypt Phone Number personnel within the organization and other people involv in the organization. By doing Corporate Identity Design is part of building a brand through various elements such as logos, colors, fonts, images to methods us in advertising, etc. Simply put, Visual Identity is the design of the image that people see. Can be remember and can affect people’s perception quite widely in order to lead to the purchase of goods and services It also allows customers to instantly distinguish our organization from our competitors without the ne to mention names. It makes marketing both Traditional Marketing or Digital Marketing easier as well.

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Like Those Big Brverys This

CI Brand example CI Brand example For an example of a CI Brand or Corporate Identity Brand, I would like to give an example of a well-known corporate Brand Identity, Central Pattana under the Central Contact Lists Group, which has undergone a major rebranding (Brand Identity) both in organizations and shopping centers across the country. With a new font design By removing the words Plaza and Festival after the name of the shopping center completely. Leave only the word CENTRAL follow by the name of the area, such as Central Ladprao, Central Rama 3, Central East Ville.

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