Before you start creating your quiz story! MA’s most important step is to find the unique connection to the brand product service. Be creative and explore the different possibilities and territories. And remember that quizzes (and the results) must be meaningful. The whole story, questions, answers, and results must make people believe that everything applies to them personally. As BBuzzfeed’sSummer Burton said: “ For our most viral quizzes, the results have to be meaningful in some way. It’s not that they are scientific. It’s just that what they say means something to people as far as their own identity.” 

Quiz examples Let me give you a few Personality quizzes and Knowledge Test ideas to get you thinking. Although you come from other business segments there is surely a way in. Personality quiz ideas Just to help you get going here are some personality quiz ideas for your Facebook quiz marketing. 1. Pet shops Possible questions: What kind of environment do you like? How athletic are you? What qualities describe you? Are you a social type of person? What animal do you like most? How to create a Facebook quiz 2. 

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Florists Possible questions: What is er favorite color? Which ice cream he would choose?  Which is her makeup style? Dresses she like. Books she read. How to create a Facebook quiz 3. Insurance company Possible questions: How long have you had a driving license? Pick your favorite drive. You are getting closer to a traffic light that is turning yellow. What Slovenia phone number  do you do? How do you feel when you are driving? How often do you drive How to create a Facebook quiz 4. Shoe shop Possible questions: Which city you’d most like to visit. Which fashion trend is your favorite. Your nails are painted in which color.

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What is your favorite drink? Which celebrity style do you prefer? How to create a Facebook quiz Knowledge test ideas Here are some knowledge test ideas to get the neurons moving 5. Travel agency Let’s say that you have a killer offer for Spain. Instead of talking only about the offer, you can give them a Spanish vocabulary test. How to create a Facebook quiz 6. Car company GGivesthem the questions from real driving tests.  Things will get serious and users will see how good are they on the formal level. Small businesses face numerous challenges trying to break the mold in this increasingly crowded online world. 

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AThis a notion that is especially true when it comes to ranking in search engines. How do you possibly compete with much bigger brands that have sizeable SEO budgets? Not only is it competitive, but everyone’s using the same tricks. So standing out is harder than ever. However, there are certain platforms and established websites that seem to hold the secrets to SEO success. They always rank at the top of search engine results and dominate their niche. I’m talking, of course, about review and comparison websites. Consider TripAdvisor for a moment. It’s the world’s most comprehensive traveling website and the go-to source that can help you find the perfect destination for your vacation.

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