Although for many the popularity of yalitza is the result of a moment in which marketing . And public relations strategy played in favor of the branding of the protagonist of rome. The truth is that for companies like lenovo to use her image within their promotional actions. It is a success related to an influencer marketing strategy that. Although it could be ephemeral, fulfills the objective of including brands in the conversation of the audiences. In principle, the brand is associating itself with a character that is growing in popularity. A look at the growth in audience interest measured in online searches related to the actress’s name is evidence enough.

At This Point, Brand Awareness as Well as the Arrival to New and Particular

Groups of consumers are the aspects that are benefited. According to an eMarketer report, 71 percent of professionals cell phone numbers list consider that influencer marketing can help create greater brand awareness. Additionally, 67 percent of marketers believe it helps them reach more targeted audiences. However, we are also talking about a strategy that, if used excessively -which for many has already happened- would end up destroying the credibility that brands have generated through their communication actions.

This Would Have Impacts on the Reach and Other Objectives That

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Brands seek to achieve with these actions. If we consider that 61 percent of users admit that they have unfollowed an influencer who promoted too many products, a figure that gains relevance when we consider that 53 percent Most of them assume that an influencer has sold when they mention a brand, even when this is not the case. The two sides of the coin should be a wake-up call for brands where the real success will be in clearly identifying the objectives they want to achieve through collaborations of this nature.

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