“Virtual row” through your facebook account and as always happens in this type of contest. We already know that not everyone will be satisfied and a  American Samoa B2B List commotion will arise with those . Who do not manage to get their gift cards. It is a fact that can be seen coming since it is just after midnight and there is more than a day left for the marketing action. There are already people betting against evil in the hope of being one of the winners. Apparently, the way to present the brand “In society” is the same everywhere and .

Today the 23rd It Will Carry Out a Reckless Marketing

American Samoa B2B List action , to say the least. It is an open invitation through facebook to attend the store of the new costanera center . What’s so special about it? The number American Samoa B2B List and amount of gift cards that are promised to first-comers. Yes, the invitation is to “Train” from eleven in the morning in the store. The first two in line will get an h&m gift card worth $150,000 (usd$317) each. Then the next 300 attendees in line will receive gift cards worth $30,000 (usd$63) each. And the last 1,000 in line will get $15,000 (usd$31) gift cards each.

On the Net You Can See Images of Other Similar

American Samoa B2B List

American Samoa B2B List openings. So we know what to expect or at least we have a slight suspicion. And while the facebook page is full of people criticizing the action. More than 9,500 people have rsvped. If a tenth of those invited show up, the store will be on the brink of collapse and. The h&m inauguration in chile will not have gone unnoticed. We already know. In these cases, as the great oscar wilde said more than once. “it is better that people speak ill of you than not speak at all”.

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