Perhaps even worse was what happened in May with “influencer” Ariana Renee aka Arii. Despite having more than 2 million followers on Instagram, she still can’t sell the 36 T-shirts a dropshipping company needs to make her products. In the now-deleted Instagram post, Ariana complained that people who had promised to buy her products didn’t order, and that friends she gave Philippines Phone Number away clothes didn’t advertise her line. The reason many suspect the product isn’t selling is because it doesn’t look like anything influencers would typically wear. Regardless of why this happened, Arii became the face of the influencer bubble.

Scandal Free 2020

In July, famed YouTuber Jaclyn Hill released her highly anticipated lipstick collection. The problem is that these lipsticks have black streaks (probably mold), uneven texture, and even white hairs.  Despite the drama, her follower count has remained the same.

Perhaps the craziest influencer Philippines Phone Number story of 2019 happened last week. A man with 1.5 million Instagram followers and a bustling college party lifestyle. The brand has been jailed for 14 years for hiring a hitman to hunt down people with the domain name he wanted.

Philippines Phone Number

From awkward ad placements, weddings created for content, to simple sky clips, 2019 was a crazy year. While the internet will certainly not be short of outrageous content next year, we do believe that the influencer industry is largely growing.

Influencers in general know better how painful it is to fall from grace and work hard to protect their reputation and audience. Philippines Phone Number Consumers are becoming more savvy and rewarding authenticity. Brands have more toolkits to minimize the potential for scandal, including:

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