As they want to do in the US, that could mean that we have a new social media platform every month, It doesn’t seem to be going in that direction for the time Lithuania Phone Number List being, but we are on a fast train when it comes to innovation within the app. Innovation can also be found in filters, in augmented reality. I wrote an article about this before because it is not yet clear what we can expect here. And whether that takes flight in.

Which I Want to Highlight

Instagram or in another app, we have to wait and see. video player 00:00 00:01 Commerce, shopping on Insta, is unstoppable. So you better get on that train if you have something to sell. Social shopping is so very interesting because it is the opposite of functional shopping, typing in a product you are looking for. Most people don’t know what they’re looking for at all and don’t know until they see something that fits their needs.

Other B2b Marketing Trends

Lithuania Phone Number List

Behavior! Advice for 2021 What caused all the above changes anyway? That many people have lost the fun in Insta, the purpose for which you use the app. If you already had it. There is too much. Too much division. Too much choice. What’s the best thing to do on Instagram right now? Work with a strategy, know who your target group is and what you want to achieve, and make that measurable. Only then can you.

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