Music is a fundamental part of brand strategy or at least it should be. Music marketing is one of the legs of the so-called sensory marketing and uses the same weapons as it to connect with the consumer. Using the senses, he tries to generate emotions and thus connect with the consumer. Music serves to suggest emotions and to do so at levels that are much less obvious. Music is, for example, what plays in the background and what makes certain messages and ideas remain in their memory without the consumer almost noticing.

Melodies therefore serve many purposes. For example, it is a melody that makes us go faster or slower in a supermarket, since the sound acts on us without our realizing it and prompts us to act in one way or another. Relaxed music will lead us to drop down the aisles of the supermarket without rushing and to look closely at what is or is not in them. When there are many people and those in charge of the supermarket want us to be efficient in our purchasing processes, they only have to put on faster music to push us to be quick when shopping.

That is one example, but not the only one. Music can convey emotions in a way that other elements cannot: it is the music that ultimately creates the emotional frame of the commercials and that makes us feel happy, sad or moved by what we are seeing. In fact, music is one of the main weapons of brands in conquering the nostalgia of the 80s. The 80s have become a favorite material for brands when trying to connect with consumers and audiences, since They are usually associated with the childhood of now adult consumers and, therefore, with times remembered as better. The quickest way to suggest that time and awaken nostalgia is to turn to music.

Music is also a very catchy element, one that by its very nature is much easier to stay in the minds of consumers than other elements used in advertising. It is much easier to stick with the chorus of a song than with the address of a website.

Music is also a much easier way to connect and a much easier to use as a passport to say who you are and what you offer. For this reason, music is not only a crucial piece to connect with consumers or to suggest emotions in Jordan Phone Number List an almost imperceptible way, but it is also a lingua franca that can serve to connect with many consumers and especially with those specific ones that you want to reach. . Music is, in fact, a perfect tool for bonding with millennials.

Brands shouldn’t waste music
Music has great power when it comes to bonding with millennials and is a great tool for connecting with them. On the one hand, music is more than just a brand message, since it brings something more and makes it have added value. On the other hand, music opens the way to interaction between consumers and the brand and makes them feel more like part of the company, that they identify more with it.

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