One of the elements that brands use to reach consumers are the great moments, the great events in which many people gather in front of the television, the internet or in a specific physical space to attend something. There are the big sporting events, like the great derbies of the League or the Super Bowl in the United States. In the latter case, the ads are not only among the most expensive of the American television broadcasts but also material for analysis and news. Or, for example, China WhatsApp Number List there is the race to be the last ad of the year, which makes brands pay a premium for being the last ad (or the first) that viewers see in Spain before the New Year’s Eve chimes.

Great moments are very interesting for brands for several reasons. The first is that these are moments in which the consumer’s attention is very focused on what is in front of them. The second is that millionaire and massive audiences are reached, audiences so high that it is not usual to have them in front of them. That’s why great moments and great events have been the great favorites of brands for years, decades, and even centuries.

But the truth is that things are changing, or at least new opportunities and new moments are appearing in which consumers have new opportunities to reach the consumer and they also have them not only in large crowds of people, not only in large ones. moments or in the big events, but in the moments much less outstanding and much less great. The era of micro-moment marketing has arrived.

Micro-moments are, as the name suggests, specific moments and small in size and scope that become a branding opportunity. It is not about reaching many consumers but rather about reaching the right consumer. The micro-moments allow offering the correct and appropriate message to the specific consumer who will gladly receive it at the specific moment in which it should be offered.

Furthermore, micro-moments are the fruit of advances in new technologies. The boom of big data and data analysis has created a much more specific and concrete way of knowing consumers and many other technological tools, such as the electronic devices that consumers always carry with them, have created the supports for get to them. Having increasingly sophisticated information on consumer behavior helps not only to know them better but also to more efficiently identify these types of opportunities.

Lost moments before.These opportunities place the brand in moments when it really did not know or that it could have an opportunity to connect with consumers and also doing so at times by providing added value, one of the issues that consumers value more and more now.

Johnson & Johnson, for example, found a micro-moment to connect with parents that you may not have been aware of existed. His marketing team detected that from four twenty in the morning a flow of conversations began to take place on social networks of parents who could not get their babies to fall asleep, asking if someone was in the same situation or if they had advice . The firm can and does enter into these conversations: it has created relevant content that is also suitable for consumption on tablets, which is the device those consumers use at that exact moment.

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