Djibouti B2B List ‘lucho’ is an omnipresent national character. No one knows him- although some swear that he is the singer luis jara, the same one from the commercial in english. Who would have said that he was talking to his pets. But it is known that he has a dog (or many dogs) that. Although they do not have a deep thought, like the cat henri . They have become popular philosophers. Saying whatever they want and giving their opinion on national and world events,

Struggle” to Bring Up Hundreds of Images of Dogs

Djibouti B2B List without any hesitation. Irony, tenderness and a lot of humor is what the “Lucho” memes deliver daily. And although it is an extremely chilean story. It uses national Djibouti B2B List events and situations in the same way that any observer would. All you have to do is enter google and type “Struggle” to bring up hundreds of images of dogs giving their opinions. In fact, there are blogs and facebook accounts dedicated to these memes. It is very rare that someone does not know these characters, at least in chile.

Other Look” That We Associate With Marketing

Djibouti B2B List

Why do they like it so much? Probably, because sometimes they say what we would like to express and we don’t dare. Because they have that “Other look” that we associate with Djibouti B2B List marketing and because. As we never tire of repeating, humor not only conquers but also does us good. We hope you enjoy this selection that, at times, is one of the favorite topics for community managers. When it comes to including humorous content in their daily actions. Ensuring at least one smile with each image.

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