Brands have a limited life. Every day many new brands are born, many new products and many efforts by companies to position themselves in the commercial environment. And at the same time every day many new brands die, many new products and many of those positioning efforts, which do not achieve the expected result and fail to connect with the consumer. On the list of casualties are also brands and products with a much longer life and that were not ‘born yesterday’, because the truth is that it could almost be said that it does not matter what the brands do in temporal matters because time does not guarantee that subsistence is achieved and it does not ensure that brands are assured a long life or a solid existence.

So how can you keep the brand in question from becoming a one-day flower? How do you get things to go beyond the moment they hit the market and your life go beyond the simple moment they try? Looking at the list of brands that have managed to live long and strong lives shows several things.Nepal Phone Number List The brands that usually climb to the prominent positions of these lists have solvent strategies, which are not simply immediate, and are usually equally careful with the quality of their products and the values ​​that are associated with them. But, in addition, these brands usually have another element in common. Many of them are also what are known as lovemarks.

What are lovemarks? Lovemarks are those brands that have managed to cross ‘to the other side’, so to speak, and are no longer simply brands and simply products that one buys. Lovemarks, as their name suggests, are those brands that consumers love, for which they feel feelings that go beyond what is rational, and that therefore have managed to create a much more direct and much closer relationship with them. And that relationship makes these brands better withstand the test of time. The consumer is more loyal to them and values ​​them much more than he values ​​other brands and other services and usually remains a consumer of them.

Loyalty is key to understanding the power that lovemarks have in the relationship with consumers and is one of the elements that shields them against the passage of time. But the truth is that these are not the only elements that make these brands connect so efficiently with the consumer and they are not the only ones that make lovemarks seem immune to the passage of time and evolution. Why do we continue to consume lovemarks day after day and year after year and why do we shield them from the passage of time?

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