I recently read a very funny article arguing that Darth Vader, the evil protagonist of the Star Wars saga, would make a great Project Manager “Darth Vader – The Best Project Manager in the Galaxy”. As I read it, I thought that surely Darth Vader would make a great Project Manager, but Belarus Phone Number List nevertheless he would be a lousy Product Manager since he completely lacks the skills that every Product Manager working in a Marketing department should have.

First, a Product Manager must have great ability to manage and influence work teams on which he does not have a direct hierarchical relationship, so that everyone works aligned to achieve the required objective. This very important point was forgotten by Darth Vader when in episode 6, (I think it was Return of the Jedi), he tells the supervisor of the construction of the second Death Star something like (read with the voice of Darth Vader ) “I’m here to put pressure on you. The emperor is upset at your lack of progress”, to which the supervisor responds with “we will double our efforts!” and Darth Vader finishes him off with a “I hope so Commander, for his own good.” It is already known that the second Death Star is completely destroyed, like its predecessor. Perhaps it influenced that it was not built with enough care and affection?

Another mistake Darth Vader makes that a good Product Manager cannot afford is his distorted view of reality. In episode IV, a general accuses Darth Vader of wanting to intimidate them with his “tales”, which however “have not served to prevent other failures.” To which Darth Vader responds more or less with a “General, his lack of faith is annoying.” Error. A Product Manager must know very well the characteristics of the market he is targeting and the products of the competition, and be aware that many times things are not “as they should be” but that reality sometimes insists on being different . It is very important to listen to the rest of the team, to the technicians, to the recommendations of the suppliers, and not to ridicule or intimidate them when they tell you that it is not possible to meet all the initial requirements.

Darth Vader also never internalized the Minimum Viable Product in his Product Manager course. He also did not consult Wikipedia or would have found this correct definition: “it is the version of a new product that allows a team to collect, with the least possible effort, the maximum amount of validated knowledge about its potential clients”. You can have great goals, but it is better to achieve them little by little. For example, Elon Musk’s vision of colonizing Mars is beginning to launch relatively low-cost flights around Earth’s orbit.

All this means that it is not necessary to have everything perfectly automated and greased on the first day of launch. Everything the client sees must work perfectly, but in the background there may be manual processes if that way we can launch our product earlier. Thus, the main functionality of our product can be tested and if it does not work, it is not necessary to automate more.

The Second Death Star, which ends up being

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