A list could be made with all those specific professions of letters and with all those studies related to that branch that, when those who have studied them and those who have worked in the sector confess to having, are accompanied by the great question of whether in that it is possible really find work. Or if what they do is really worth something.

Well, beyond the importance of each of the professions in each of their niches and the validity of each and every one of the possible careers that professionals can develop, the truth is that all these professions of letters have been become a new element that companies need today, whatever their market niches and areas of activity, if they Iceland Phone Number List want to connect with consumers. When it comes to creating an efficient marketing strategy, companies need the world of letters more than ever because the world of letters is more powerful than ever.

Brands have highlighted the importance of content marketing when establishing themselves in front of the consumer and the most successful examples have shown the importance of good storytelling, which has made all those professionals in the field of letters become in an increasingly crucial signing when establishing the guidelines that will allow them to connect with consumers.

And, as they point out in an analysis in The Drum, what the marketing industry really needs right now are good editors. The fault lies, in part, with the context itself. As technology, the internet boom and the success of smart phones have created more opportunities to serve content and, above all, more tools to do it at low cost, it has started to produce content and more content at low prices. and in a massive way.

What happened? Brands and companies have lost sight of the old saying that cheap is expensive in the long run, and they have become filled with low-quality content. A recent study pointed out that 60% of brands create content that is useless.

For this reason, the marketing industry must change the focus. As they point out in the analysis, it would be necessary to start thinking not so much in terms of economics (the classic how to get so much for very little and how to do it quickly and without costs) to start thinking a little more about what is in front of you and what it is going to be achieved.

It is no longer just about thinking in the medium or long term, but also about being judgmental and recognizing that neither anything goes nor certain levels of quality are really acceptable. Yes, anyone can post anything on social media or on a blog, but that’s not necessarily the right thing to do. In fact, those who have managed to connect with the consumer in recent times have done so with studied campaigns and with jobs developed in the majority.

And so tricks and fast lanes have become popular, but something brands should avoid. They need professionals to do that job and do it well, without the pressure to be fast and cheap. Taking into account that there is more and more content and that the consumer begins to feel fatigued and saturated before the avalanche, brands and companies have to be really able to stand out in the midst of all this and be different and of higher quality it may be one of the few ways to achieve it.

Put a good editor in your life
On this path to quality, there is no choice but to incorporate the most appropriate professionals to create that content and with those standards. This makes it clear that companies need editors, content experts who work as their criteria (those who say what to do and what not) and those who ensure the quality of what is being produced. Just as the media has editor-in-chief who monitor what is happening and what is being done, brands need editors to act as guides and watchdogs of content strategy.

And, at the end of the day, you should not forget what they remember in The Drum analysis: many content marketing strategies fail because they are simply producing content and more content, without there being a guide, a strategy and a framework behind. they.

But the truth is that although publishers are fundamental and key, they are not the only professionals that brands should take into account and should incorporate into their marketing strategies. The important thing is not only the background of the text, what is told, but also how it is told.

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