Spend time on building an incredible team. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring one or ten content marketers, hire the best. When you do, treat them right. Here’s the thing: sometimes your competitors are not doing better than you are because of the tools and software they’re using or the blogs they’re reading; they’re doing better because they have a better team. If you have a mediocre team, even if you use all the tools and software your competitors are using, you’ll still get terrible results. 

And this applies whether you’re working with an agency, freelancers or in-house employees. Also, if you treat your team like crap, you’ll get crap results. And you’ll probably be hiring all the time because of high turnover. Think about it: if you’re chasing an employee in another company and they’re treated outstandingly by their current employer, will you be able to win them over easily? It’s a near impossible feat unless they inwardly detest their current job or employer. That’s the point. Your competitors may already have a huge advantage because they have the best employees, use the best agencies, and hire the best freelancers. So hire wisely. And when you find unicorns, keep them. 

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Carry out proper competitive analysis This study by Conductor reveals that 74% of marketers agree competitive analysis is importantvery important, but 57% admit they’re not very good at it. There are truckloads of tools you can use for competitive analysis. Ghostery is one of them. Here’s what Brian Massey has to say about it: “You could score Uganda phone number your competitors on a scale from Rookies to MVPs. Rookies have no analytics or experimentation tools on the site. MVPs have a full suite of analytics, UX tools, and AB testing solutions. Give a company 1 point for Analytics package. Google Analytics is typical. Add 1 point for tag management. Google Tag Manager is the market leader right now. Add 2 points for UX tools.

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 Look for heatmap and session recording tools or survey and feedback tools. Add 5 points for AB testing tools. If they are using these tools, they are using some of the most reliable data available. If your competitor scores 7-9 points, you should test ideas you find on their site first. If your competitor scores 3-6 points test their ideas second. Anything less? You should consider their ideas with great skepticism.” That’s a great summary. But using Ghostery is basic. In-depth and proper competitive analysis will require tools like Ahrefs, iSpionage, SEMrush, Spyfu, BuzzSumo, Mention, Moz, BuiltWith and several others depending on your needs and who you’re listening to.

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Apart from tools, if you want to see how your competitors are using email marketing automation or retainingonboarding new customers, just sign up for their newsletter or start a free trial with them. Record your findings and see how you can improve on their performance yourself. Correct any flaws if necessary. The purpose of competitive analysis isn’t so that you can copy your competitors’ tactics directly. It’s to help you understand: What they’re doing How they’re doing it Why they’re doing it Where they’re doing it When they’re doing it That

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