The battle to win over instant messaging app users is becoming more .And more similar to the one waged a few years ago among the most popular social networks. The imitation of functions between platforms begins to be the norm. The new tool launched by whatsapp that emulates an advantage appreciated. By telegram users is the best example. According to various media. Whatsapp has just received an update in its web version .That allows users to play content within the app without leaving the site. This is the incorporation of pip (picture in picture) support. Thus, when a contact sends a link with multimedia content from facebook. Instagram or youtube , whatsapp web will start playing it instantly in a floating window. So it will not be necessary to open a new window.

The Movement That Emulates One of the Advantages

To access this new function, it is necessary to have the most recent version of the. Once installed, log in from the computer to  lebanon email database whatsapp  web. If the pip function does not appear automatically. It is necessary to clear the browser cache. Wabetainfo in search of absolute conquest. With this change, whatsapp seeks to endorse. Its position as a leader in a market that is growing by leaps and bounds. Instant messaging applications will be the next great battlefield. And whoever manages to conquer. It could have an empire even bigger than the one facebook or google have built.

Just Remember That There Are More Than 2.18 Billion

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Users of this type of tool, and emarketer projections suggest that by 2021 there will be more than 2.48 billion globally. In fact, according to data from business insider , the number of active users per month in chats exceeds 3 billion , a figure 20 percent higher than that registered in social networks. Thus, line, telegram, wechat, facebook messenger are the most used or popular, although whatsapp is the one with the highest penetration with more than 1.5 billion users. However, whatsapp seems to understand that in the digital world things can change quickly and its strategy based on constant innovation aims to keep up .The pulse to meet the demands and needs of increasingly demanding users.

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