We know that whatsapp is the messaging app with the largest user base worldwide. And that it constantly makes changes, although people don’t always end up liking them. One that comes close would be aimed at protecting privacy. But at the same time would prevent or limit the practice. Known as stalker. Goodbye to viewing statuses anonymously for some years. Whatsapp allows you to create stories in a similar way to snapchat. Facebook and instagram , but in this case they are used as a status update.

These Are Small Clips in Videos or Graphics That Users Share to

Express some situation, experience or state of mind. Generally, every time a contact or another user sees these statuses.  Whatsapp sends a notification to the creator. Although there is a way to prevent this from happening and that is by disabling read receipts. Or the two blue checkmark’s . The action allows you to see states in a ‘hidden’ mode, which many attribute to a habit russian email address list of stalking. Although it should be noted that it also prevents the user who activated. This function from finding out who sees their statuses. This will no longer be possible, since according to wabetainfo. Whatsapp will modify the application so that when the blue popcorn is activated again. A notification will be sent to the users whose statuses were seen.

The Change Does Not Completely Prevent This Habit, Although

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It does limit it and appears to be aimed at giving users greater trust and control of privacy. Messaging apps, the battle for audiences For many specialists, this type of applications will be the battlefield in which brands will have to seek the attention of the consumer. Just remember that there are more than 2.18 billion users, and eMarketer projections suggest that by 2021 there will be more than 2.48 billion globally. Even more attractive for brands, according to data from Business Insider , the number of active users per month in chats exceeds 3 billion , a figure 20 percent higher than that registered in social networks. That’s why many brands have long been adding instant messaging apps to various processes and services related to marketing and customer service.

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