In times when data security and protection has positioned itself. At the top of the agenda in the digital and technological world. Whatsapp makes changes in search of offering greater guarantees to its users. We know that the messaging application is the one with the highest penetration . Its more than 1.5 billion users confirm this. However, this does not mean that you do not have to work to maintain engagement with them. To avoid stalkers in your chats during the past weekend. Whatsapp released an update that, among its novelties. Highlights the possibility of establishing biometric security mechanisms. In this way, now users – after updating their app – can enable.Face id or touch id to open the application . According to cnet even for individual chats.

How Is It Done? After Downloading the Latest Update, Simply

Enter the configuration menu and activate one of the two options, of course. This to be possible you also have to see .What model of smartphone you use. Unfortunately , at the moment  buy email list india  this is only available for its version of ios . Apple devices such as iphone , but it could be that. Whatsapp is thinking about the arrival. This update on android devices. Let us remember that among the multiple leaks and rumors that are discussed .About the arrival of android . There are precisely some functions similar to a face id. At least that is what xda-developers pointed out a few days ago .

Just Remember That There Are More Than 2.18 Billion Users

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It is expected that by 2021 it will exceed 2.48 billion .According to emarketer projections . So, even though whatsapp is the one with the highest penetration .This does not mean that it should not prepare and adapt to technological changes. Above all, considering that it will have to calm the uncertainty. That arose after facebook’s plans to integrate its three platforms were revealed. The serious crisis of corporate reputation. Data security that the world’s largest social network has.

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