When making a purchase decision, as neuroscience has shown in recent years, consumers are not left solely with the objectively provable facts, statistical data or the catchphrase that captures attention. The consumer’s brain works in a much more complex way and the elements that are taken into account increasingly touch many more suits and many more questions. The messages have to seduce the consumer on many more levels and they have to work in all five senses.

In fact, the importance of the senses is so high that even issues as traditional as Christmas advertisements are affected by whether or not they can play with them. Why are Christmas ads a hit? The senses hold the key to understanding it. As explained in a neuroscientific analysis of them, Christmas ads have to follow certain guidelines to Canada WhatsApp Number List really reach the consumer’s brain and not get lost in the commercial hubbub of the time.

Studies also indicate that consumers place great importance on the senses in general and that, although sight is the most important sense for 74% of consumers, as a study by the Shullman Research Center has just exposed, the other senses are also crucial. Hearing, touch and smell are positioned later.

The figures also vary according to what consumers want to buy and on the type of product that they are trying to sell, since, in the field of luxury, that to which so many brands want to aspire and that in which consumers are especially loyal , the importance of the senses is crucial and the balance of the sense that commands varies compared to other segments.

The senses and the luxury market
When it comes to buying luxury products, and despite the fact that sight is still the most important sense, the percentages of weight of the senses vary. Consumers continue to trust what they see, but they give it a little less importance compared to the general consumption average. However, the weight of the other senses, such as smell, touch or taste, rises significantly. These consumers trust much more what comes to them through these routes.

The importance of the senses is not only very important to understand why they choose a product or not, but also to understand who buys luxury or not.

Among those surveyed, those who showed a greater number of luxury purchases in the last 12 months, as Bob Shullman, head of the Shullman Research Center explains to AdWeek, were those who positioned the sense of touch as the main when it comes to understanding whether a product is or is not luxury. “This discovery suggests that if a seller or brand is advertising a luxury product that can be touched, the advertiser should consider emphasizing the ‘touchable’ qualities in the advertisement,” says Shullman.

And also, you do not have to stay with what is expected, such as assuming that a buyer will trust his nose to buy a high-end fragrance. The relationship of the senses with luxury products is much broader and allows us to see much more. Smell is a very important sense also when buying jewelry or luxury vacations, for example.

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