Every day we Mali B2B List find hundreds of articles and an incredible. Amount of advice regarding social networks on the internet. Most are logical or technical and respond to the study of the general results on the subject. But nobody mentions those points that have no explanation. That refer directly to the relationship with people and that. Although they may seem light to some- like intuition, for example- sometimes they are strong pillars to build the success of a strategy. I invite you to take a look at some points. Let’s agree that our main task in social networks is communication to achieve ‘building community’.

So, There Are Certain Social Skills or Ways of Establishing

Mali B2B List bonds that are essential in this job. Assertiveness. According to the traditional definition, an assertive person is one who can stay in the middle of a situation without attacking the other party. But without submitting to the will of the other. In other words, their main Mali B2B List objective in communication terms is to deliver legitimate information. And share that of other people from a point of view lacking excessive emotionality. Sound like a good definition of what a community manager is? There is no better definition for the word ’empathy’ than “Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes”.

When We Look at the Attitudes and Concerns of Others

Mali B2B List

Mali B2B List making them our own. We understand the feeling and emotion that occurs in the interlocutor. Then we are able to regulate the way we choose the codes to deliver the information assertively . And from this follows the next point. Combination of social skills. “not so far that you freeze, nor so far that you burn” says popular wisdom and there is a lot of reason for it. It is not your role to be friends with your followers and potential clients . In fact, as in life, you will feel closer to some than to others – but your job involves the use of both skills described above. To achieve a balance in your relationship with them. Observe take risks and follow your intuition . Knowing people.


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