To be a current brand and achieve results, we can no longer do the same things we did before. We need to differentiate ourselves and be more striking than the rest. Now consumers are shying away from advertising and want human and up-close conversations. In the past, companies had almost total control of everything that was said about them, but since the era of digital communication this scale has passed to the side of Internet users. Now, the transparency and speed of social media allows us to know the reality of what companies are doing, and it does not matter whether they are small brands or large companies.

“We have a commitment to users, it is no longer enough to have a good product or to develop the business successfully, we must continually be with our followers, in order to make them happy following our brand.” What exactly?

To give greater credibility, many brands use UGC (user generated content), this is the content generated by users. Recently, looking at an article or a video (I can’t remember well) a phrase stuck in my mind: “the best marketing is the one that doesn’t look like advertising”, a simple and logical phrase, but one that we must memorize and put into operation every time. we are working for a brand.

Why use it? Like you, I have always  relied on Venezuela WhatsApp Number List  the opinions of the people around me for the acquisition of products or services, the followers of our brand on social networks do the same. They will trust more what other users say than what we transmit with our communication, advertising, and marketing strategies or tactics. All this in the end is summarized in engagement, causing users to share and comment on your content so that others are encouraged to follow your content on social media and thus influence the purchase decision. Using the UGC correctly we can achieve great results.

We all know that social networks are not to sell, but they do have a very important weight, and when a buyer has doubts about a purchase, he enters to investigate on social networks and the Internet to see what other users say about the desired product.

Users send We are going to turn our followers into our ambassadors, sharing and responding to user comments about our business on social media is very important. We will use appropriate strategies and tactics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, perhaps we should not be on all social networks, but we will test and analyze the results in each of them to expand (if necessary) to other channels and detect which one or which ones work best for us.

“By planning a content marketing strategy, you will be able to connect with your audience and obtain that user-generated content that will help you increase your community efficiently.” UGC: How to use it?

Images: A simple and effective way to use UGC for the benefit of your company is to show the photos that users publish about your products, always carry out an exhaustive follow-up to detect who is using your products and thus be able to republish them on your social media. You can also encourage these users and reward them with discount coupons in your online store or an invitation to a company event to meet them and continue to encourage positive comments.
Contests: Engaging users in contests is also a great way to use UGC. For example, uploading a photo to enter the raffle of something related to our company, so we take advantage of the user-generated content again. Another way to use the UGC would be the testimonials on our corporate website.
Other examples: Comments on the blog, comments and post from the different social networks in which we have a presence, reviews, images and videos generated by users, entries from other blogs, comments in forums, testimonials, etc.

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