It is no secret to anyone that google is one of the most important companies. In the world of digital advertising. According to a report delivered by visual capitalist. Facebook and google control more than half (57.6 percent) of the global digital advertising market. This means that every dollar that advertisers allocate to the digital field. 60 cents remain in the basket of said duopoly. Although mark zuckerberg’s company has demonstrated its dominance in the field.

What Is the Google Rate? According to What Was Published by

Iebs, the so-called google tax -imposed during 2015- “Is nothing more than a canon. A reform project of the well-known intellectual .Property law .That obliges service providers and news aggregators to pay for link to and display media content.  In recent years, this concept was joined uk telephone number database  by one more related to the digital services offered by. The company of the great g. With this variant, the so-called “Digital tax”, is a tax proposed by the european .Commission to tax certain income from the multinationals of the digital. Economy, such as google and facebook.

In Spain, the Government Presented Its Adoption of Said Tax in a Draft Law in

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October 2018 under the name of tax on certain digital services. And it is intended for companies that reach a turnover of more than 750 million .Euros worldwide. And above three million euros in spain. Why should your brand care? Right within this last definition. There is the controversy that now occupies many brands within the spanish market. Since said tax that taxes digital services of intermediation. Advertising and sale of data with 3 percent of the value of each proposal. Supposes a double-edged sword that, in principle. Could have large-scale impacts for the business of companies and. In a second moment, for users.

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