The theme is appli in more and more areas. This sustainable philosophy also seeps through in content marketing. More and more South Africa Phone Number List companies are discovering that it pays to get started with their existing content. In this article, I will therefore show you how to do this. If you started content marketing as a company ten years ago, you will probably still remember what a good SEO text had to meet.

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These were requirements such as ‘ words’ and ‘use the most important keywords in the H1’. We also talked about keyword density and we had to repeat the synonyms an x ​​number of times in the paragraphs. With these instructions, we started blogging en masse. In order to be able to separate the chaff from the digital wheat, Google decided at some point that it was time to reward high-quality content with high positions.

Advertisements Can Also Think

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Simple tricks were no longer appreciat. As a result, the fields of content marketing and SEO have undergone enormous development in order to meet the expectations of Google and the user. Your website probably also contains an archive of old blog posts that still rank well, but no longer meet today’s quality requirements. And maybe you mainly invest in creating new content. But recycling and updating.

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