In mexico there are around 120 million inhabitants. Of which 63 million are connected to the internet and belong to some social network. According to information from unam. Currently. Mexico ranks fourth in the world with users who spend an average of four hours on social networks. After the philippines, brazil and argentina. While countries like japan spend an hour on average. The problem is greater when the users who spend the most time on these digital platforms. (an average of 6 hours a day) are 15-year-olds, according to the oecd.

And the Excessive Use of Smartphones as Well as Digital

devices have caused changes in user habits. The excess that we currently dedicate to a social network whether from Afghanistan Whatsapp Number Database whatsapp, instagram, facebook, twitter or others. It has consequences on behavior, as well as the coexistence of people with their environment. That is why taking a few hours, days or even weeks away from these platforms and having a controlled use .That allows you to be present and in your five senses in any environment of coexistence. Including some space just for you, a space without digital connection. 

If We Take Into Account That the Average Person in Mexico

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We define it digital wellbeing . And although controlling this addiction to social networks, wanting to know .What is happening at all times and having the feeling that being connected as long as possible to social networks. Will make you not miss anything, is a lie. It doesn’t change anything if you’re not on instagram , facebook, snapchat or twitter. Another of the data highlighted by the study is that 48 percent of young people say. That they feel very bad if they cannot connect to the internet. Digital wellbeing, digital peace or digital comfort in this context. Digital well -being ( digital peace or digital comfort ) arises.


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