Stop the presses! Last week, it was reported by several sources, and confirmed by Google, that the AdWords ads that appear on the right hand-side of Google’s search engine results page will be removed from desktop searches in the near future. New Zealand Phone Number This change is arguably one of Google’s most significant changes to the AdWords platform since it first rolled out. As a digital marketer, this may also have significant impact on your advertising strategy. Before we get into how this change may affect marketers, let’s take a look at what the change would look like.

Currently, Google Search Displays New Zealand Phone Number

Their AdWords ads on the right side of the page: Google AdWords Today Say goodbye to these! The only exception to the ads that would be removed from the right hand side will be Product Listing Ads (PLAs): New Changes Product Listing Ads, for all your shopping needs. New Zealand Phone Number To make up for the lost ads on the right, they’ll be adding one more ad listing to the top of the search results for a total of 4 available placements. New Placement The new look. Seems a shame to waste all that space… The SEM Post was the first to report these updates and received the following statement from Google: “We’ve been testing this layout for a long time,

So Some People Might See It on New Zealand Phone Number

New Zealand phone number
New Zealand phone number

A very small number of commercial queries.We’ll continue to make tweaks. But this is designed for highly commercial queries .Where the layout is able to provide more relevant. Results for people searching and better .Performance for advertisers.” according to some reports. These tests may have been going on since as early as .2010. New zealand phone number that’s a.Lot of data to work with so google must be pretty. Confident that this update will be good for their adwords business. But what about their claim that is will provide “better performance for advertisers”? The short answer to that question is, “We’ll see…

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