A video with new and truly attractive features of your system. “Google maps added a renewed interface. Where the search box and additional options are regrouped and give rise to digital cartography. Which occupies the entire screen”, published the newspaper la nación , from argentina. Some details the map takes on greater prominence to help. The user better find the site they are looking for . They Bulgaria B2B List have added new synchronization options with google. New design, simpler and more simplified . Only the routes necessary to reach the place will be shown. Indicating possible points of confusion at intersections or detours. They will add new options to customize a map .

Previously Searched. Such as Business Hours and Their

Rating or visits. It will have the integrated street view application . Which will provide 3d views of the places that have been searched. It will be so simple , “that its developers define. It as ‘a map drawn by a friend’ since, with each click. The map is increasingly simplified. Helped by the Bulgaria B2B List favorite locations of each user such as their home. Their place of work or those points on the map that have been shared. Improving user interaction with the map”, eleconomista.Es published . Here you can request an invitation to try the new google maps. Follow paul on social networks

Buenos Aires, Argentina.- Im-pre-sio-nan-te

Bulgaria B2B List

This could define the preview video of what google promises will be the new google maps . The complete redesign of the geolocation service.The some simplification details, more 3d applications and. The history of places searched thanks to the interrelation with social networks are some of the novelties. A brilliant Bulgaria B2B List idea for a company: team up with google bmw hides the new 3 series on google maps while several potential. New competitors to the most widely used geolocation service –google maps  are appearing in the world. Such as open license maps such as openstreetmap.

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