Brands aspire to become lovemarks, although achieving it is a very hard road. Lovemarks are those brands that consumers directly love and for which they have developed certain feelings and emotions. Becoming a lovemark has a direct impact on how consumers and brands relate to each other and a rather long and solid one.

Therefore, companies have to strive to cross the line and establish an emotional bond. It is not easy and requires a lot of work and above all to position the brand in situations that are not always comfortable, but doing so has many advantages. Why should brands strive to become lovemarks? What benefits will they reap in the long run?

The brand-consumer relationship is established on an emotional level The most important point of lovemarks and the one that makes companies so interested in connecting with consumers at this level is the link established between them and the effect it has on consumers. Argentina WhatsApp Number List Lovemarks are not processed at a rational level and the relationships established between consumers and brands do not do so at that point: what consumers feel for this type of brand is love. In other words, the link between one and the other is completely emotional.

Emotions are one of the elements that brands want to promote and create on a recurring basis. It is not just that consumers today have changed and become a kind of defender of sentiment. Today they do not expect brands to treat them in an aseptic way and to behave in a ‘corporate’ way. Now, consumers expect brands to have feelings and to connect with consumers on an emotional level, to be more transparent and to be more human. Added to this is the fact that consumers themselves want to connect with brands at those levels: they want to love the products they consume.

To all this, it is added that emotional ties are established in much deeper areas of the brain. The things for which they feel emotions are not forgotten and these are not left to be overshadowed in the midst of the avalanche of advertising messages that consumers receive.

The relationship is much stronger and more resistant

And once an emotional connection with a brand is established, the relationship dynamics between one and the other changes in a way that is much more favorable to brands. Just as one continues to love their siblings even though they did not leave their toys when they were little or they fought for hours and more hours, the brands that reach the category of lovemarks end up becoming a solid issue in the life of the consumer, an element with the one that can always be counted. The relationship between a brand that is a lovemark and a consumer is much stronger and more resistant than that established between any brand and its users. Better withstand the passage of time, problems and incidents and competition from others.

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