And it is a fact! Not only has the Harvard Business Review confirmed this in its November 2015 issue through the article “The New of Science of Emotions”, other sources such as CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association) in the United States and executives of reference companies such as the Chief Executive of ING, have launched to announce to the media about the beginning of the era of emotions and the vital importance of the generation of fans in companies. But does it have an economic impact to be fascinating? Or generate fans? To what extent do they ensure the profitability of the companies?

George Katona, Belarus WhatsApp Number List founder of economic psychology, maintained that the change in spending by individuals depended on two factors: the consumer’s ability to buy and their “willingness to buy”, thus including the psychological factor and emotional motivations. He was the first to link income and emotional states.

On the other hand, if something has been contributed in emotional metrics, it has been through the national satisfaction indicators. Today there is already empirical evidence that generating customer satisfaction is profitable. Both the ACSI and NCSI-UK data (American and UK consumer satisfaction indices respectively) show that satisfaction with the customer experience is directly related to the value of companies.

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Specifically, companies with high levels of experience satisfaction or those that reflect improvements in their ACSI and NCSI-UK scores produce higher equity returns than their competitors. In other words, companies that are committed to satisfaction with the experience are worth more. Even when things go wrong they lose up to 30% less. On the other hand, satisfied customers are more profitable, you just have to think that 80% of a company’s income comes from existing customers and 20% from new ones. In this way, having satisfied customers has an impact on the financial results of a company.

However, in times of competition and speed like the current ones, emotions are the key being also a preliminary step to pay attention to any offer or suggestion. In this sense, if satisfaction is understood as a feeling that is gained in the medium or long term, emotions can be the answer to generate immediate reactions.

That is, to manage in the short term in the times we live in, it is necessary to manage emotions. It would be something like in a couple managing passion, joy or surprise and then achieving love.

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