In addition to following companies try to create an extensive contact list. That is try to connect professionals related to your professional profile. The more people you follow the easier it is for you to appear in recruiters’ searches . And from there as you expand your list of companies and professionals try to engage with them. Indicate that you liked a publication comment on publications of companies and professionals in which you can contribute something You can also publish yourself. Link interesting articles publish videos your own texts Being active on LinkedIn will make others know you in different ways.

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You will be more visible which is what it is about. To end. In addition to companies and professionals you can be part of groups. They will help you find a job on LinkedIn. Some B2B Email List are open to all others are more selective. With the groups it will be easier for you to meet professional profiles like yours and thus discover events meetings Who knows maybe you will meet your future boss in one of those groups. From ‘Subeme la radio’ by Enrique Iglesias to ‘Mamá yo quiero’ by King África going through ‘Shaky Shaky’ by Daddy Yankee. The summer songs that have marked great moments in our lives and that have the magic of teleporting us to those little moments of happiness that so many memories of our lives shelter.

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Yes that wonderful power that music has to bring us closer to places people and moments that have made us happy. And among so many moments let’s talk about the energy boost it was Contact Lists to find in the middle of winter the summer songs on SingStar. It could be said that a competition with friends in a karaoke is therapeutic. We don’t say it science says it. Daisy Fancourt a professor at University College London states on the BBC that singing reduces stress and increases endorphin levels related to our mood. So in this digital evolution thanks to the Kanto Living App we can recover that happiness that SingStar competitions brought us.

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