Virals have become one of the recurring obsessions of brands, who always want to become those who are responsible for the last successful viral. The reason for this growing interest in these contents is quite clear: virals are one of the elements with the highest organic success. The recipients of the content are those who share them and this makes their reach much higher. Also, as virals get more and more viral, the results they get start to get even better. This content often makes the leap to the media, who also want to take advantage of its success and who want to join the conversation and publish content related to it.

But what does a viral do  Georgia Phone Number List and what are the keys behind it? The truth is that you should never think that in viral matters only luck works. Virals are elements that often have a lot of work behind them (especially if they are content produced by brands and not by other consumers) and that also require firm communication work. It is not enough to simply have an impressive video or striking content, you have to do the work of positioning it in front of the other content.

On the other hand, there are certain themes and certain elements that tend to be more attractive to the consumer and that end up becoming an element that works better in the race to get the viral of the moment.

In fact, there are certain themes that work better than others when it comes to making content go viral. As a study by The Woolshed, an Australian publishing company that has positioned several videos on the list of global virals in the last two years, has just shown, content starring animals and those in which danger is perceived are the ones that work best at best. time to go viral. In the list of contents that have become viral there are contents featuring a man fighting a shark or a woman chased by a bear.

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