Social commerce offers companies many opportunities. The Shopify Future of Commerce 2021 report shows that 54% of younger consumers who shop at independent retailers. Are discovering new brands through social media platforms such as TikTok, Spotify and Pinterest. However, with the wide variety of platforms, it is important to choose the right platform on which you want to profile your brand. Therefore, check which generation is on which platform and choose the platform that best suits your target group and/or product.

 Make your website the control

A good example of such emerging practices is the Livestream shopping events on social media channels. Recent research by Shopify shows that 12% of Dutch Luxembourg Phone Number consumers made a purchase via such a livestream shopping event in 2021. almost a fifth (19%) of consumers indicate that they will make a purchase via a livestream shopping event in the coming year. An excellent opportunity, therefore, to respond to this early as an entrepreneur.

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Center of all your activities

In general, all your sales channels should work together and inform and support each other. For example, you can make the majority of your sales through your online store, but you can also perform flash sales through Instagram Stories to get rid of excess inventory. Or you can do a lot of sales through an online marketplace, as long as it’s linked to your online store so you can track and fulfill the orders. That is why it is essential to set up an online store as the control center of your company.

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