For soccer teams in mexico and the world. The rivalry is not only experienced on the field of play. Hand in hand with digitization, competition is now also a topic. Within social networks and one of the clearest examples is what happens between .Club américa and chivas del guadalajara . Figures provided by  at the beginning of the year indicate that in terms of engagement. And executions on social networks, the “águilas del américa” ​​are leaders among the other participants of the liga mx within spaces of social interaction such. As facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube. According to said study, during the 2018 apertura championship.

Club América Leads the Ranking With 24 Million Actions Generated

Sacred flock in second place with just over 12.6 million interactions. A social media goal in this way, the strategic teams behind these sports brands. Have been constantly seeking to capitalize on the conversation of users. Considering the findings of research such as the one  canadian email list for sale presented by nielsen. Which indicates that while 47 percent of consumers to world level believe in traditional paid commercial. Communication -both on and offline platforms), 92 percent say they trust earned promotions. That is to say, in that type of advertising that the brand does not fully control .And that depends on the daily use that. The targets make of online spaces and social networks.

However, in These Efforts It Is Important Not to Lose Sight of the User 

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who on more than one occasion has proven to be the best -and cruelest- judge of these actions. Users on social networks do not overlook anything and now their memory has turned a Chivas post into a wave of ridicule for the red and blue squad, comparing it with a previous publication from America and calling it plagiarism. The criticism arose after the CM of the rojiblancos published an image to motivate the union of the team with the slogan “Shoulder to shoulder”, a slogan that in the middle of last year was also used by the Coapa team to promote their kits of the.

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