Although its growth numbers seem slow. Twitter remains one of the most used social networks around . The world by both internet users and brands. Figures provided by the company itself indicate that. Until the end of last year, the social network had 400 million users. Who, according to an infographic signed by lori lewis. Publish 481 thousand tweets every minute. Thus we speak of a platform that defends its validity. A path that leads it to innovate to maintain the preference of the audience as well as try to attract new markets. Innovations at the door in this way, a recent report published in techcrunch confirms . That interesting changes and innovations are taking place on twitter.

According to the Publication, This Platform Will Launch an

Application over the next few weeks that only some users . Will be able to access from which new functions for the service can be tested. Among which the integration Buy Jamaica WhatsApp Numbers of states in the style of facebook stands out. Thus, users will be able to indicate a status for each situation or moment. With this, it will be possible to indicate the place or state of mind that is lived at the time of publishing a tweet. Twitter subscribers could accompany their messages with phrases like “At the movies. “Feeling high,” or “At work.” on the other hand, a color-coded tweet classification scheme is expected to start working. It is a color format for the responses to each tweet that aims to make. It easier for the user to identify the official message, the responses of the people . They follow as well as those who do not belong to their community.

To This Will Be Added the Order Assigned by Algorithms in

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The responses to each tweet to offer the reader those that. Due to their interests, may have greater relevance without considering. The time of their publication. Even though twitter has confirmed that many of these features may not be part of its service. The truth is that for brands, the possible changes bring with them. Some opportunities worth considering. If users can indicate the place or mood that accompanies. Their publications, brands will have more information to deliver. In real time, information that may be relevant to a much more specific audience. This advantage would gain special relevance. If we consider that the delivery of content in real time plays an important role in conversations on twitter.


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