Algeria B2B List a few days ago tumblr the platform to create social microblogs. In which text images videos links music. Among others are published, announced that . It was integrating advertising for its mobile versions. Now, it updates its ios app, where it adds important new features.In addition, users of the windows phone 8 platform can now download the application for free. To carry out adequate digital marketing .

Now, Said Social Network Has Updated Its Application

In that sense, being aware of the new versions of social networks will help. You analyze the opportunities to market your brand on them. In this regard, tumblr.A platform for those who like blogs with great visual appeal. Since you can share text, images, photos, videos and animations in. A more interactive Algeria B2B List way, announced a few days ago. A strategy to include advertising in its version for mobile . Now, said social network has updated its application for ios. Which will allow users to share messages through twitter and facebook.

According to Figures From Tumblr, Its Platform

Algeria B2B List

As well as save the content for later use in instapaper and pocket.According to the mashable page. Likewise, new gifs may be included. Also, the social network reported that. It is now available for free for windows phone 8 users. Thus, the main features of tumblr can be used through the mobile. According to figures from tumblr, its platform has 83.2 billion blogs that report 18.2 billion visits each month. It announced  advertising for its mobile versions, designed. A new version for ios and launched an application for windows phone.

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