By segmenting these members of your social audience, you can target them specifically on social media. You can use the DMP to to deliver personalised digital. Ads that align with the behaviors of these followers on social. What happens when you personalise your marketing? When you deliver personalised, relevant attention, there’s a good. Chance your audience will continue to engage with your brand and share it more often and customers. And prospects will be more open to sharing their data because of the enriched experience.

Final words Today’s marketer now has a range of tools and information from technology, data management and even AI at their disposal. The mad men of Madison Avenue never saw it coming. In a world where the path to purchase has become a complex matrix you need to become a marketing scientist. Creating intelligent marketing is about knowing your customer, engaging with them at various points in their day to day lives, and personalising your offers to them. This was one of the best lessons I took away from this year’s Dreamforce, but there were many more insights to be had. To learn more about the trends that are changing marketing, download the State of Marketing report today.

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Can I tell you a secret? I love hacks. Or anything that helps me save time and work smarter. And I’m sure I’m not weird or unique. According to a Microsoft study, the average human attention span has dropped to only eight seconds. That means when we Tunisia phone number  spend more time than we expected on a particular task, it feels like the extra time spent is an actual waste. Businesses and content marketers are not exempt from this dilemma. Daily, they consume blog posts, books, podcasts, and videos to help them work smarter and execute their content marketing strategy flawlessly. 

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For many, an even quicker hack is copying their competitors. The problem is, unlike other useful innovations like apps and software, copying your competitor’s content marketing strategy could actually be hurting your marketing efforts. Here’s why. conent marketing guide Free Download The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Business First Name * Email * Download Now 1. Your competitors don’t actually know what’s working for them “But if company X is doing it, it must be working. You know, because they’re profitable.” Sigh. I hear those words or a variation of it many times a day from clients.

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The truth is, sometimes the competitors they’re copying or planning to copy are just doing random stuff, hoping it will stick. They have no real content marketing strategy at all, and even if they do, it’s also likely they’re among the 41% of marketers who do not have a documented strategy. They’re just thinking or feeling a strategy will work or is working. Worse, the competitors you’re planning to copy could also be copying another competitor. It could be an endless, repetitive cycle. The reality is, their thoughts and feelings are biased. Just remember this the next time you’re raring to copy a competitor. 2. You can’t identify what it is they’re doing right On the flipside, let’s assume now that your competitor is

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