However, Pinterest also offers its own analytics that can help you develop promotion strategies and track social media metrics performance in the future. Notably, Pinterest for business accounts allows you to link one to UAE Phone Number other platforms and accounts. This way, you can track traffic to your website from Pinterest and other sources. Promotion of off-platform Pinterest business profiles Install Pinterest widgets on your website pages. So visitors can save images and videos to their boards directly from your web properties. It doesn’t have to be a standard icon. You can also recreate Save and Subscribe buttons, links to your profile or boards, and more.

In Creating Any Marketing Strategy

A modern CMS with visual editing offers many customization benefits. So it shouldn’t take long to embed Pinterest for business account buttons and widgets. For example, Moto CMS Easy Website Builder allows anyone to implement any design or idea in real-time with a few clicks, drag and drop, customization and personalization of interface elements. Pinterest UAE Phone Number on website builder Free trial Feel free to use a variety of tools to promote your online resources on and off the site.


It will help grow and make your Pinterest business profile more successful! More Tips on How to Effectively Use Pinterest for Your Business We’ve got more tips for you to use your Pinterest Business account more effectively.

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