In this episode of Canada Phone Number List . Above all,We have decided to broaden our horizons and take a look at. The best chinese beauty influencers you should know. The role of western fashion, luxury and beauty brands in the chinese. Market is becoming increasingly important and, as chinese influencers (better known as key opinion leaders , or kols) are growing in popularity. Brands have finally taken notice. Of their value. Above all,The beauty market in china is worth $ 38.6 billion and is the second largest in the world. Above all,After the us, whose estimated value is $ 56 billion. According to the analysis of global data.

China Is on Track to Become the Largest Beauty Market

Canada Phone Number List By 2023, and as a result, brands aim to capitalize on the growing industry and. Their key supporters: local beauty influencers. The many of which have not yet been adequately explored by brands based in other markets. These have great potential, as users of social media Canada Phone Number platforms in china. Tend to be incredibly devoted to their favorite kols and opinions . This suggests the true power of the kols compared to their western counterparts. This article is the first of a series of rankings in which we will explore . The rankings of the best chinese influencers and kols . Operating in the fashion, luxury and beauty sectors .

The Best Chinese Beauty Influencers Is Austin Li Jiaqi

Canada Phone Number List

We will analyze their performance Canada Phone Number List across. The different local social platforms. To demonstrate the great potential of collaborations between brands and . The impact of kol mentions on them, we have compiled a list of the best chinese voices in . The cosmetics sector, looking at their media impact value ™ (miv®) generated between january and june 2021 . At the top of the ranking of the best chinese beauty influencers is austin li jiaqi also known by. His nickname ‘the lipstick king’. Austin is a leading player in the chinese social sphere. With a presence on many different platforms including xiaohongshu (red), weibo, douyin (chinese tiktok) and wechat. He has also collaborated with many major beauty brands such as guerlain. Ysl beauty, dior beauty, estée lauder and others.


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