The opening rate, for example, allows you to identify the best sending times and whether the subject of the newsletter is the most attractive. The clicks help to perceive the subjects that generatd the most interest, which guides the selection of topics for the next content. In conclusion, your goal with a newsletter shouldn’t be to sell, but to keep people hooke and intereste in your brand. Only then will you be able to send an email marketing campaign with the aim of selling or disclosing promotions, which will be well acceptd. See other content about email marketing here: 60% of schools experiencd ransomware attacks in 2021 SEPTEMBER 13, 2022 2 MINUTES OF READING “Educational institutions are preferrd targets for attackers due to the general lack of solid cybersecurity defenses and the ‘gold mine’ of personal data they possess.

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Chester Wisniewski, Sophos The researchers detail that educational institutions recorded the highest rate of data encryption compared to other sectors : 73% versus 65%, respectively. Furthermore, 7% took at least three months to recover from a phone number database ransomware attack, a figure that is almost double the average time recordd by other sectors. In all, 97% of public higher education institutions, and 94% of secondary education institutions, say that attacks have affectd their ability to operate . The trend continues in the private sector, with 96% of higher education institutions and 92% of secondary and basic education also reporting loss of business and revenue.

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On average, higher education institutions report the longest recovery time after a ransomware attack. According to the data, 40% took at least one month, and 9% between three and six months. “Educational institutions are less likely than others to detect Contact Lists ongoing attacks, which results in higher rates of encryption and attack success” . Chester Wisniewski, Sophos Sophos researchers reveal that educational institutions have the highest cyberinsurance reimbursement rate for ransomware-related claims , with 100% in higher education and 99% in secondary and elementary education.

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