But that’s what you can expect using messenger bots in your marketing. Everyone from neil patel to joe soto and andrew warner is gaining 1  % inbox. Deliverability rates, 8 % open rates, and 5 % click rates. Using messenger bots. How brands are winning. With chatbots before I first started looking seriously. Into messenger bots, I can’t say for sure whether I’d encountered. Any firsthand. But how could I know? I mean, a chatbot. By definition is a piece of software us. To stimulate conversation, so if executed correctly, how would. You know whether you were talking to a bot or a person? Since I’ve been messing about. With messenger bots, I’ve seen them being used to fulfilling all manner of sales and support tasks.

They can be pretty flawless – almost indistinguishable from talking to a real human. Dominoes have developed a messenger bot that allows you to order pizza. You can also transfer money through TransferWise through a messenger bot and British Airways have developed a bot named BOTler to offer London-bound customers a ‘best of the best guide to the capital. Even gourmet supermarket Whole Foods Market has a messenger bot that functions as a virtual chef and allows you to use emojis or keywords to search for recipes. However, my digital products tend to be media-based, so I find two weeks is the sweet spot for getting the word out and keeping the flames hot until launch day.

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Now that’s my kind of bot! But I know you’re probably thinking: These are big brands with even bigger budgets, how can I use Messenger bots in my business on my small budget? Luckily for you, there is now a heap of very accessible apps enabling even Panama phone number the least tech-savvy entrepreneur to build their own chatbot empire. I’ve opted into communications with dozens of messenger chatbots in recent weeks to understand how other bloggers and entrepreneurs are using them. I’ve seen them used in live launches to send broadcast messages, deliver interactive quizzes, and build an email list. 

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And it’s the latter that proved the most interesting to me. Because despite all the fanfare around open rates and click rates, messenger subscribers remain just that, and they remain in the messenger app until you can encourage them elsewhere, i.e., in your email list In the same way that you don’t own your Facebook fans, you don’t own your messenger subscribers either. Plus Facebook has some very specific T&Cs in their developer’s policy regarding the use of Facebook Messenger. 

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Means you can’t send certain types of content whenever you feel like it. Different types of messenger bot platforms I found nearly 2  Messenger bot platforms in my research for this post. I’m going to share three solid options with you. They are ManyChat, Credi Response, and Chatfuel. ManyChat certainly appears to be one of the most popular platforms, and for good reason, too. I chose to use ManyChat to build my first bot. And I was incredibly impressed with the level of training, support (email and Facebook group), UI, and impressive features which boasted a number of ‘growth tools’ to help users grow their messenger subscribers.

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