Share breaking news, experiences or exchanges to engage your audience. Take for example how a company could leverage the soccer world cup. A company whose target audience consists of financial industry managers would be interest in statistical. Predictions about who will win or how much energy the world cup is consuming. An audience consisting of customer service managers could. Be target with articles on the effectiveness of hashtags. Vs commercials, or who to follow for news about games and players.

If you know there is a conference going on that is closely align to your business, and you know what the hashtag for the conference is, you could leverage that by sending out relevant tweets incorporating the hashtag. 5. Load it with emotional appeal In his book Descartes Error, Antonio Damasio, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Southern California, explains that emotion is a necessary ingredient in almost all decisions. This has been backed by a study conduct by researchers Raj Ragunathan and Szu-Chi Huang at the University of Texas in Austin. How to do it online People are more likely to share content that creates a visceral response. 

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How do you know whether your content has visceral response? Do a “gut check” to ensure the content is on the right track. Did it make you LOL? Did you feel that you were going to embarrass yourself in front of your co-workers with tears? The chances Lebanon phone number are that if you don’t feel it, others won’t either. BuzzFeed’s successful posts like “The 45 most Powerful Images of 2011” were intentionally designed to make the viewer feel emotional. A deciding factor by Upworthy staff writer Adam Mordechai in publishing a documentary about the late Zach Sobiech was the fact he cried while watching it the first time, and then cried again the second time he watched it. 6. 

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Use a great story Many of our buy decisions are based on emotional drivers, and not the rational benefits or features of the product. Great stories tend to be emotional, and not just dramatic. For example, the Dutch funeral insurance company, Dela, created a deeply emotional story around their product. They asked people to share what they would tell a loved one before they died. The stories are touching and moving; so much so, we want to pass them on and reach out to our own parents, friends or relatives to tell them how important they are to us. 

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Great stories can even take the form of the written word. Jon Morrow wrote an article titled On Dying Mothers and Fighting for Your Ideas which resonated with Copyblogger’s large audience, inspiring them in their content marketing efforts. How to do it online So, how do you write stories that build emotional connections? Here are a few tips: Show, don’t tell. In other words, show the audience what is happening in the story rather than telling them. Use descriptive words that evoke deeper feelings for the characters and their circumstances. Create characters people relate to and care about. Use your audience buyer personas as characters to drive an even deeper relationship with your business.

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