But what is the science of the brain? We must define what we mean when we talk about neuroscience. In the end, they are still those sciences or disciplines that are responsible for the analysis of human behavior from a perspective of systematized, guided, regulated and endorsed research by a community, such as: cognitive psychology, psychophysiology, behavioral economics, anthropology, ethology . Faced with this descriptive requirement, many of us wonder if this cannot fail, of course, not even the exact sciences really are.

But going back to the initial issue that has brought us here, the amazing thing is to ask that question, because marketinians, marketers, creatives, those who really seek to captivate and enamor the consumer and humanity, “Yes, We Can” always you have done this; apply brain science. Of course, with greater or lesser success, but we always seek to anchor ourselves in experiential or learned discoveries about how human beings behave.

This century has begun with a profusion and even radicalization of the emotional, a fact that is not wrong but does not exert a Brazil WhatsApp Number List  driving force on the brain as intense as some believe or in other words, the key is not only emotion, in this case the manipulation of minds would be really simple.

One of the public triggers of many of these premises was the Nobel laureate Daniel Kanheman, he has shown that most of our decision making is automatic, intuitive and instinctive, what he calls System 1, is the ‘quick response’ of Our brain. After this initial response of ‘automatic pilot’, we rationalize our decisions, it is the so-called System “, it is the reflective and logical part.

It is a reality to use, but anyone will understand that it is not a linear process, with the absence of influences from other stimuli, such as the cultural environment, personal learning, group and individual perception, past experiences. This leads us to understand that there are stipulated guidelines and operating models, but they are not fixed train rails, they are flexible rails that adapt and make modifications depending on the environment.

As specialists in captivating the consumer, we must not standardize guidelines or concepts, today we have an online and offline connection that determines that in a Multi-connected and Multi-stimulating environment we must adapt each action through a specific investigation to our target. Generalizations such as “putting rock music in a store increases 30% of sales” or “including images of Babies improves loyalty”, are generalizations with a basis of truth but they should not be implemented in all areas without delimiting some concrete objectives.

The lack of inclusion of these disciplines in marketing, advertising and communication training is causing a lack of updating and understanding on the part of professionals, since as is normal, they do not have a clear criterion to determine which methodologies are the most. suitable for diagnosing your problem, and largely for the use of these disciplines as fireworks for an end customer.

So why not? apply and use the scientific advances that are within our reach but with a criterion of objectivity, security and endorsement by the scientific community.

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