It is no secret to anyone that tinder is one of the most important dating applications worldwide. Which must now pay 23 million dollars for a class action lawsuit related to discrimination. According to different media, this app faced a class action lawsuit of about 230 thousand people . Who accused the company of discriminating against users over 30 years of age through a higher price. This week, which was presented in april of last year in a court in california. United states, argued that tender discriminated against users over 29 years of age by charging . Them double for subscribing to the payment services tinder plus or tinder gold.

According to the Company, Said Charge Is Justified by

The fact that adolescents under 30 years of age do not have the purchasing power to pay the premium price. As do those users who exceed that age, so they need lower prices to use the service. However, for the plaintiffs, the measure is an act of age discrimination. The parties estimated the hotel contact database cost of stopping charging different prices in california at 5.75 million dollars . Which added to the 17.25 million that it will have to pay in compensation will imply a total cost for tinder of 23 million dollars. The compensation agreement stipulates that each one of the 230,000 affection .Will automatically receive 50 “Super likes”, which is equivalent to 50 dollars, while for those plaintiffs who expressly request .They may receive 25 dollars in cash, the same value in extra super.

Likes or a One-month Subscription to Tender Plus or

hotel contact database

Tinder gold the business of love .The online dating business generates approximately 5,094 million dollars . Of which more than 2,800 will come from matchmaking apps. According to data from statista. Within this context, tinder is one of the main players with a user base of more than 57 million customers (2017). However, the brand -as well as its competitors and firms that work in other categories- must understand that serving . Its market requires seeing beyond the obvious. Although data provided by we are flint indicates that the main segment of users of apps like. Tinder is between 18 and 24 years old (united states).

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