In the late hours of January 5, as the afternoon progresses and as others prepare to go fight for a couple of candies in the streets, some parents will use up the minutes they have left, the last hours before stores close (although today they will do so much later than usual) to try to find (hope is the last thing you lose) one of the most sought after toys of the year. It is called the Paw Patrol Control Center and it is a toy for early childhood, from 2 to 5 years old, which is already being sold on the ‘black market’, as pointed out by some of the articles that have analyzed the phenomenon with some sarcasm, for amounts well above what the original toy costs.

Not that the Paw Patrol Control Center, with its not very simple and not very attractive name, was already cheap to buy. The toy costs, at list price, 70 euros. In online stores where supply and demand are measured as decisive material for setting prices, it is already at 140 euros. In Amazon Spain it can be read “previously sold by Amazon for 51.47 euros. Temporarily Amazon does not have stock of this product” and see that the third-party seller who is distributing it now asks for 149.99 euros. Of the 9 products of the featured Paw Patrol of Juguettos right now he only has 3 left (and not with a lot of stock, from what can be Cambodia WhatsApp Number List seen on the web). By early December, the toy chain had already run out of stock. “In November we already detected that we were running out of product and, as of today, we no longer have it,” explained then the general director of Juguettos, José María Ruiz.

The toy is the great king of the holidays and the protagonist of something that is not expected (we suppose that things change when you have children who write their letter to the Magi year after year) that happens with a product like a toy. However, the model is out of stock and it is so not only in Spain, but also in the United Kingdom, the United States, France and Italy, in an impact movement. The Control Center is the star of the holidays, but it is not the only toy that has had a complex Christmas or Christmas campaign. Lego had to acknowledge last October that it could face serious distribution problems in some European markets during the Christmas season because its factories, no matter how spread out around the world they are, were not able to cope with the growth in demand for toys they were looking at for Christmas.

What do both Lego and the Paw Patrol have in common? The two are living their golden moment. The Scandinavian company is a classic in the toy industry and, although a few years ago it was about to disappear from the map in a results debacle, in recent years it has become one of the fastest growing and most successful firms having. In the last fiscal year, the success of the movie starring its toys has created a spike of interest, has skyrocketed its sales and has made all children want a Lego. The same happens with the Paw Patrol, a cartoon series that is being very popular right now and that is awakening the interest of children for all the products related to them.

And all this shows once again that what triumphs at Christmas and what triumphs on Three Kings night are nothing more than, in the end, products with a good marketing strategy. The night is not, in the end, more than one more commercial element.

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