That you should have something to say, that it should be easy to read and that it is good to connect with your target group, you probably already thought of that. But what should you think about when you write a book? What’s in it for you? And what Paraguay Phone Number are the pitfalls? In this article, I share my seven key learning points. If you don’t type, there won’t be a book My most important lesson: start typing. Otherwise, there will be no book. It’s Paraguay Phone Number that simple. I’ve had the idea of ​​writing a book for a long time. “Once again.” But always had the idea that it was very difficult. That there should be pearls of texts on every page.

With The Collectibles

Everything had to be right, backed by existing theories. And that I should capture the world and its surroundings in it. Looking back, I think this perspective was my biggest hindrance. Because for me they were very strong arguments not to start. ‘Not just yet. Until I admitted to myself that I just found it scary. Because is it good enough? And Paraguay Phone Number what will readers and reviewers think? Do I have to show things about myself? What if I can’t find a publisher? Do I have something to report? Isn’t it secretly an ego trip? When I could let go of all that, I started typing wonderfully. Simply, from my knowledge and experiences, to share what I have to share in the best possible way. ‘You have a narrative style, which makes it very easy to read. And sometimes it’s quite a lot.


Is A Champion As Far

So what could I cut, while preserving the value of my narrative style? My check question: what will my reader lose if I remove this piece? Nothing or not much? Get rid of it! Start writing a book After writing, only half of the work is done I never realized that there is still so much to do after finishing the manuscript. Aside from the revision and correction rounds on the text. In my first book, for example, the illustrations demanded a lot of attention. Because I knew what I wanted, roughly, but I can’t make it myself. It should be sleek and simple, but inviting. gender-neutral. With a very own vibe. And of course a bit arty.

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