I know. There are hundreds of thousands of marketing articles that talk about panaceas, trends, techniques, what to do, what not to do, the 3, 5 or n ways for this and that. This is to be expected, in any case, in such a creative and versatile discipline that we are passionate about.

By compiling what successful marketing campaigns have had in common, based on more than 20 years of active observation, we find 3 elements that always figure in the people responsible for these projects. Yes! People … those who design, push, implement, get things done and, consequently, have successful results.

Ultimately, beyond resources, strategy and implementation, there is a triad of components that have so much power that they Qatar WhatsApp Number List  transform everything else. Here they go: Actively listen

Everyone values ​​what it is to listen and, in fact, it is not uncommon for governments, companies, advertisers, vendors to ensure that they listen. I legitimately allow myself to question that speech many times. In fact, it is incredible to note that a large part of business and internal communication problems come from not listening.

Active listening is a complex process, which requires really putting yourself in the feet, the mind, the context of the other. In other words, have empathy. Active listening allows us to understand employees, consumers, customers, suppliers and, based on that record, to be able to make smart and healthy decisions.

Listening is not intuitive. In fact, intuition generates judgments or barriers that, many times, make us assume the wrong things.

I invite you to consider active listening as a powerful tool. And to achieve this, there are methodologies that allow us to really understand what is happening with our strategic audiences, such as the empathy map, focus groups, perception surveys, customer experience surveys and others. Believe and smile

When we speak of believing, we must stop for a second. Believe in the product and / or service, in our people, in our plan. And if we don’t believe? Well, before launching a campaign, let’s review why we are not yet convinced. Believing means connecting our hearts (emotions) to the technical aspects of our campaign.

And believing does not apply only to those who designed the campaign. It is necessary that they embark on this culture of believing collaborators, clients, operators, suppliers, all who will be exposed to this campaign. Why? It is simple. When you believe, it shows. And when you don’t believe, too! And smile? If you already believe in what you are doing, connect with your emotions and smile!

If you work in a restaurant and you have a new menu, smile! If you run a B2B campaign to sell heavy machinery, smile! A person who smiles conveys confidence, it is easier to reach someone who smiles than one who does not. Smiling opens doors, invites the other, shows that you are happy to share what you offer because you know that it is something good for your clients. Smile sells! Focus on results

The best argument to support a marketing campaign or activity is the return on investment, that is, the positive result.It is not uncommon to find that those responsible for a marketing campaign worry that the activity runs smoothly, that each piece fits, that it is neat, or that social media campaigns are filled with followers or fans. Either the event has a full call or that the designs came out fantastic.

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