Summer Colombia Phone Number List, as we know, is synonymous with catchphrases, light and catchy songs that keep company in the warmest and funniest months of the year. Someone passes and someone stays over time. This year the 2020 summer hit goes hand in hand with advertising, a perfectly timed beauty product placement that has upset the rules of the game . Everyone talks about it, everyone knows the brand and everyone, at least out of curiosity, has viewed the video on YouTube. While this is not the brand’s official video, the combination of all these elements ensured exponential awareness for the campaign.

“it’s Not Enough for Me Anymore” in Which the Special

Colombia Phone Number List guest is the influencer Chiara Ferragni , both testimonials of the new Pantene indossa tuoi capelli campaign . The song is not only the Colombia Phone Number soundtrack of the commercial but explicitly names.  The Pantene brand in the text and the official video of Baby K, alone, generated a MIV of 3 million euros and an engagement rate of 40% (the data are mid-August and this number is certainly destined to increase exponentially). The introduction of the song as an integral part of the campaign also made it possible to obtain 86 mentions of the Pantene brand together with the word “smash”, amplifying its reach and potential audience. The video has certainly represented the distinctive and innovative element of this new estate Pantene .

A Strong Presence in All Channels. Both in the More

Colombia Phone Number List

Colombia Phone Number List traditional such as print media or television. And in digital channels with initiatives specifics in instagram and. Tik tok including where, once again, influencer marketing is the undisputed protagonist. Involving its followers, entertaining them and actively participating is not an easy task. But thanks to a precise multi-channel strategy and the activation of key influencers. Pantene was able to launch a successful challenge which then became. The protagonist of the account. Instagram @capellipantene . The promoters of the challenge were the same testimonials of the campaign. Chiara ferragni and baby k who invited their followers to create the choreography created for. The summer hit and which naturally included some gestures related to .

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