Twitter’s first big change seems to have arrived. Soon the social network will sport a new design .And, from now on, some users have already tried this renewed interface that promises to improve. The experience by betting on simplicity. From the twitter account, the interaction platform showed. The new general modifications through a short video. The movement was twitter is crucial, if we consider that despite remaining one of . The most used social networks around the world by both internet users and brands. Its growth numbers are slow. Figures provided by the company itself indicate that. Until the end of last year, the social network had 400 million users .

Who, According to an Infographic Signed by Lori Lewis,

Publish 481 thousand tweets every minute. What you should know about the redesign Increasing these figures is vital to guarantee the well-being of the platform as well as your Belarus WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists business, and a change in its design seems to be the first step in a more extensive renewal process. At the moment, most of the modifications are in visual terms; however, it is expected that with these adjustments the browsing and use experience will improve significantly, which in the long term could mean more browsing time as well as the arrival of new subscribers. Here are the most interesting changes:three to two columns Within the main page, the column on the left disappears, leaving the interface with two columns.

This Happens Because the Trend Box Will Be on

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The right side and the profile summary with the profile statistics disappears. Post button changes position. Previously located in the upper right corner, now it will be located on the same side but at the bottom, so the page will resemble the classic mobile pages or directly the applications in terms of design. four sections The Home, Moments, Notifications and Massages sections, located in the upper left, disappear in the style of an app, to which is added the integration of the Moments section with a new search button. When you enter this button, the trends will first appear, and below we go to What is happening and other similar content.

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