Perhaps that is why they are encouraging themselves to start marketing .For future productions such as birds of prey and have used one of the characters with great engagement. This morning margot robbie, who gives life to harley quinn. (in suicide squad 2016) shared through her instagram account the first image of her new look for. The film that is scheduled to be released in 2020. Why is it interesting to bet on margot? Easy, the actress of the wolf of wall street (2013). Suicide squad (2016), I tonya (2017), and this year in once upon a time in hollywood. By quentin tarantino has a powerful bond with the public. Just look that the photo has about 2 million likes and more than 30 thousand comments in a few hours.

She Is an Attractive Actress but With a Recognized Power on the Screen,

Each of her characters has aroused great criticism from specialists. And harley quinn was one of the few who were saved in suicide squad. So it is wise to appeal to an image that . The public receives in a good cell phone number lists usa way and that will serve to position birds of prey. Women take power in the cinema, but particularly in the superhero genre. It seems that the strongest trend will be to bet on female characters. In the case of dc, this was shown by wonder woman (2017). By patty jenkins and starring gal gadot, not only did they perform well at the box office with more than 821 million dollars. But also because the plot and production. As well as the characterization of the israeli actress aroused very good comments from fans and critics.

This Opened the Doors for the Two Biggest Comic Houses to

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Turn more strongly to female characters; In Marvel, they began to talk about the film focused on Black Widow and one more about Black Cat. But, at DC and Warner they thought of something even more ambitious: a second installment of Wonder Woman and movies focused on the villains; Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy, as well as heroines like Supergirl, Batgirl, and Black Canary. In Hollywood there has been a fight for greater equity in the industry for a couple of years, not only for leading roles, but also for the issue of contracts and salaries. In the case of superhero movies, the producers have seen that their female characters can have a power similar to that of the male ones, so it can be a genre where the industry begins to balance the scales.

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